The New You

Today at 1:16 PM

Wow, we made it to 2014. Does anyone know what happened to 2013? It was almost a blur. The old saying rings true, “as you get older, time flies”.

Everyone’s going to be talking about New Year’s Resolutions, so we may as well too. Have you decided what yours will be for this New Year?

I have narrowed mine down to two, but they are all encompassing and I feel they are attainable. I hate to hear people make these far reaching goals that are impossible. So please dear friends, don’t make that mistake.

My first, and I feel the most important goal for 2014, is to spend more time with my Creator. He, after all, has the plan for my life. He holds the key to my success. He has always been there for me and promises that He will never let me down. I would be a fool to not make HIM priority in my daily living. Yes, HIS name is JESUS, HE is my savior, redeemer, counselor, and friend. HE has given me the greatest gift of all, the precious HOLY SPIRIT, to guide me, teach me, and comfort me through each and every day. It has not always been easy, but HE has always comforted me and guided me through the rough spots in life.

Secondly, I desire to be the best me I can be. Defined by a healthier and a happier me. And as I spend more time with the LORD, HE will teach me how to be healthier and happier. The saying is true, “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine”. Having been a Registered Nurse, working in the hospital and home care field for 25 years, I have seen first hand how good health promotes over all well being and happiness. So, I am going to share some health tips which I have learned and experienced, or know of others experiencing over these 25 years.

Let me strongly communicate that everyone should do their own due diligence and seek what is best for them. I am not instructing anyone to stop his or her medications or take anything on my word. Just sharing some Nursing knowledge that I have seen first hand. Actually, my daughter suggested that I share some of the things that I have learned throughout my years of study in my blog.

It concerns me where the medical field is going when I see patients taking 15 to 20 drugs and continue to have the same disease or illness even noticing that one drug constitutes the need for more drugs to alleviate the side effects from the other drugs. It seems to be a vicious cycle. I have had patients tell me when I recommend trying vitamins and minerals that their doctor warned them not to take vitamins. Comments like this, fuel both my passion and concerns.

Hundreds of years ago we used a more Holistic approach when treating people. Medical treatments consisted of more natural herbs, spices, and home remedies. Then, along came the Rockefeller’s and took over the medical colleges and moved their people onto the boards. Then, they were able to govern what was being taught. They also own and control the Pharmaceutical companies along with many other elite’s. Do the math. And go and research for more in depth studies. The elite have through the years also quenched the revelation many have found for cures for cancer, diabetes and other diseases. Their goal is to use medicine to treat symptoms, but never find a cure. Doctor’s are taught in school to give more medications; therefore, generating more money for the elite who own all the pharmaceutical companies. On every prescription is a number that is input at pharmacy which gives the physician a bonus, kick back, whatever you want to call it. It has been said, physicians spend very little time in Medical school, studying nutrition, but I hope that I am wrong.

Having said all that, which I felt needed to be shared, and that is just the tip of the iceberg, let me share a few things today to set the stage. Wow, there are so many directions I can go with this, where to begin? First, let me say the reason I have directed my blog toward sharing a few tips on health is my daughter recently had some digestive problems—which constituted the removal of her gall bladder. And now she lives happily ever after—NOT! Her problems in digestion continued. So, I gave her some digestive enzymes (just basic enzymes) and as of now, her problems have stopped. If she had started them before, the surgery may have been avoided. None of her doctors even recommended any type of natural enzymes. This is not the first case I have heard of this, so I am alerting everyone, please consider studying about taking some digestive enzymes. Because of our processed and tainted food supply, we do not get the proper digestive enzymes in our diet anymore. Insufficient enzyme production is the root of all tummy problems.

I have a friend who owns a Health Food store who has shared with me his own story of health. Battling diabetes and only 40 years of age, my friend was given only 6 months to live. He is now in his 70’s. But, one of the main things he did was start taking digestive enzymes. He has studied many natural health remedies and has even healed himself of cancer by taking nitric oxide. We will discuss this at some other time, but you may want to look into it as well. Again, I am not recommending anyone stop your medical care, it is your choice. You are solely responsible for the decisions you make for your health. He knew a lot about the radiation and chemotherapy side effects and decided to do the healing on his own and was successful.

I like to talk with successful healthy people. I am not promoting this site only, but I do get a lot of information here and recommend it to be a part of your Health library. If you have any of these symptoms, I recommend that you go and read the link I am posting. Constipation, cramping, flatulence, bloating, belching, heartburn and acid reflux. Find out more about the digestive enzymes and if you need them. You can buy them at any health food store as well. I am not promoting this site as a place to purchase, although I have purchased several things here.

I also feel an urgency to tell everyone to please study and consider adding at least 700 or 800mg of magnesium to your daily diet. It is the most overlooked yet important mineral. Eighty (80%) of all people are deficient of the magnesium mineral. It has been stated by nutritionists that 90% of all diseases are from a lack of Magnesium. Magnesium helps with regularity, activates muscles/nerves, creates energy in your body by activating ATP, helps digest protein, fats and carbs, serves as building block or RNA, DNA synthesis, and also precursor for neurotransmitter like serotonin. Magnesium is critical for a healthy heart and before you take calcium you must have equal amounts of magnesium. I am providing the link to study more about this great mineral, which is generally affordable to purchase and I feel a must in every diet. Please do your own due diligence and decide if you need it as well. All of these articles I feel you will find extremely informative and will help you decide.

I have given a lot of information today and hope this helps with the beginning of a new day, in healthy living for all. Remember also, do the simple things, drink @ least 8 glasses of water each day, stop all soda’s (that’s another blog— carbonation actually pulls calcium from the bones) exercise, get up and move around every 15 minutes. Intermittent exercise is extremely important. Get plenty of rest. If you cannot sleep, taking the magnesium before bed will help relax you, along with a hot bath, with baking soda and sea salt, (removes the toxins from the body)– is very relaxing. I also add a small amount of Epsom salt, which is— magnesium–which relaxes muscles more. And the greatest thing of all, these suggestions are cheap and affordable.

I pray a special blessing on each person reading this blog and hope you experience GODS’s greatest health and happiness this New Year. And remember, it is never to late to start “THE NEW YOU”!



As a child suffering loss many times, I felt as though I was alone. I did not understand many things. Why would GOD do this to me? Thru much prayer, deliverance, and seeking HIM, I have learned HE was indeed always there, was touched by my infirmities and was not a part of the pain and suffering….. but was the comfort…and the recovery…. and the ability to forgive that followed. He was the teacher,…. the friend …..and the unnoticed entity which kept me going another day. I have DISCOVERED I HAVE a life worth sharing with others,…. to change their circumstances.

He is touched by our infirmities! He understands and has shared in our weaknesses, tempted in every respect but overcame without sinning. Hebrews 4:15(revised)

I feel HIS tears tonite as I write this. I sense HE is longing to see us draw closer to HIM each and everyday. Many hurt all around us and need intervention and JESUS desires to touch each and everyone of them thru us…… As we draw closer to HIM, we know HIS heart and HIS plan for each person, as we go about our everyday.

He is so misrepresented, misinterpreted and mistaken. HE is so much more. So much bigger and greater. He has so much love, delivering, and healing power to show forth to the world today. He needs us to work thru. WE must allow HIM to change us, from GLORY to GLORY, so we no longer look at people the way we used to….. But now we look at them thru HIS eyes and hear them and their needs thru HIS ears….. HE touches them thru OUR hands.

As we learn of HIM and are directed by the HOLY SPIRIT, HE will teach us and lead us and reveal to us HIS great Plan. His purpose is to draw us to the FATHER, AND give Life, and give it abundantly, to all those in need and those who receive freely. HE has a place for each one of us in HIS great Kingdom.

The LORD is about to hand many of us a rod. Yes, just like he handed to Moses. This rod is a powerful tool to aide in the deliverance of many from the enemies grip. Spiritually speaking, this rod….. will be whatever the LORD needs it to be in every situation and is unique to each individual. I sense many might say, even as I am thinking, “but Lord, I am not equipped to help people the way you did, I am not able”. The LORD says “I have given you all that is required to complete the task at hand.” As we walk and imitate the LIFE of Christ HE will empower us.

I see JESUS as the great master writer of this magnificent play, and he is looking for some great actors to take part. Have you ever been a part of something really big, but no one even realized you were there, or even took part. You put so much work into it and made it perfect for everyones enjoyment and it turned out awesome. Your name was written all over It, but still no one gave you recognition. You were unappreciated and unnoticed. JESUS gave the ultimate gift, HIS LIFE yet HE is denied. HE created the entire universe and holds it in HIS hand, yet HE is not remembered. He is calling us to join HIS great cast and crew! Don’t be discouraged if no one notices you and the work that you are called to do. You will be rewarded greatly in the eternity to come.

I want so much to spend the last days of my life recognizing who JESUS is and what HE does. The greatest way of doing this is touching others the way HE has touched us! Imitating HIS life. I am so glad that I Know HIM today and I look forward each day, to touching a life the way HE has touched mine and helping someone else to respond to HIS great love.

“Fire Shut up In My Bones”

While praying, before I started to write this blog, I heard the LORD give me this word, Jeremiah 20:9, If I say, I will not make mention of (the Lord) or speak anymore in HIS name, in my mind and heart it is as if there were a burning fire shut up in my bones. And I am weary of enduring and holding it in. I cannot contain it any longer.

Have you ever been so full of something inside of you that you did not know how to present it. You felt a little concerned at how it would come out because there was so much in there. Kind’a like making soup you just keep add’in and add’in things and it looks pretty good but not sure when you pour it up if folks are gonna be able to eat it. Well, I have heard the LORD many times tell me to journal my life and the experiences I have had along the way. But to be quite honest they have not all been so pretty. Not sure I wanted to let’em out’a this bag, so to speak. Thanks to Suddenly and scarlett and the prompting of the Holy Spirit I am gonna share as often as I am led, whether daily or just as HE leads. First before I go on I must recognize HIM, my sweetest dearest friend, the HOLY SPIRIT, could not, would not, be here without HIS divine intervention in my life. Not enough recognition is given to HIM and HIS purposes in our lives. A million thanks to you sweet HOLY SPIRIT, I welcome you to sit here with me again.

Our lives are all like a book. Some may be considered, a drama, fiction, comedy, even some are scary and sad. I like to think mine entail all of these. Makes for some interesting reading and life lessons to learn. So I will begin to share each day with an experience, a lesson learned, a thought for the day, a truth revealed, a prayer or a response. In doing so, I hope that it prompts another to reveal their story. May our lives each day bring healing, deliverance, restoration, and cause a feeling of self worth, gratitude, forgiveness, love and more importantly, create in each of us an overcoming attitude!!!!
A final thought, a life changed because of HIS great LOVE is a life worth sharing!!!